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Article posted on 08/17/10
Author: Clyde McDougall

Google buys Slide
to Compete with Facebook

Google, the giant search engine is making trends itself this week. They have provided one of the most reliable and trusted search engines on the planet, and certainly the largest. We here at love to follow the market mover and shaker as they continue their conquest of the internet.

The story begins long ago however, and the list of recent technology aquisitions by Google has incresed by one on August 4. was purchased for $182 million, and although this seems like a week ago, remains current and relevant. How? With regard to Google's overall strategy. But more on that later, and one day books will be written about not only Googles beginnings but also how they continue to shape the landscape of internet usage.

Slide should be trending, in that Slide founder Max Levchin was the co-founder of the little company that helped become the super monster bookstore of the internet, PayPal. Slide's role on the web has morphed and changed certainly more than PayPal did. First it began as a photo-sharing service, of which there are dozens of competitors. Then it became a social application manufacturer whose apps interfaced with Facebook, by throwing sheep at the user's friends of all things. Add to that an advertising network, and finally game manufacturer in the social-gaming climate.

Slide did have a $50 million funding gain in January of 2008, and was valuated at $500 million, so the Google offer while falling way short of that guestimate, it will have provided the private capitalists with a 300% return in a few short years. One such book previously mentioned is about the phenomenon of Web 2.0, by TechCrunch's Sarah Lacy, Once You're Lucky, Twice You're Good: The Rebirth of Silicon Valley and the Rise of Web 2.0 Lacy has continued to point to Zynga another gaming company that Google has invested in heavily. Read her article here.

Other recent Google acquisitions include Jambool, a social networking payment company, just a week ago on August 10 for $70 million. And a huge travel tech company ITA Software for a whopping $700 million. None of this is to prove a new Social Network is on the drawing board. But rumours abound on the internet, and many of these tools would go along way to giving Google a great headstart once launched.

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