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Jon Bon Jovi, Unable to Prevent
Release of Raunchy Photos


Singer Jon Bon Jovi tried to prevent the release of some raunchy pics, of he and a group of strippers, in bed together. The photos were taken of Bon Jovi just before he and his band achieved mega-success. It was during the 7800 Degrees Farenheit Tour, in 1985, that photographer Ross Marino snapped several revealing shots. The photos were never to see the light of day, but things changed once Marino died. Rich Bozzett, former Bon Jovi tour manager, is the person who pocketed the negatives and kept them in a safety deposit box. That is, until he decided to include them alongside his newly published memoirs, entitled "Sex, Drugs and Bon Jovi".

In his book, Bozzett writes, "A panic-stricken Jon Bon Jovi immediately called up Doc McGhee (Bon Jovi manager) to tell him that we needed to track down the pictures as soon as possible."

A Bon Jovi rep says the photos are being released for financial reasons, telling the New York Post, "This is an outtake of a photo shoot. Everyone should be so lucky at 22 years old... Rich is remembered as a nice-enough guy who was eventually in over his head as the band's success grew. As far as his attempt to cash in on alleged experiences he had 21 years ago? No comment."

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