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Article posted on 08/15/10
Author: Geoff Abrams

Wide Receiver Brandon Marshall Says He Will Play in NBA if the NFL Locks Out

The Miami Dolphins' star wide receiver Brandon Marshall told ESPN's Adam Schefter in a recent interview he plans to play in the NBA if there is a lockout in the NFL in 2011. Marshall said his first choice would be the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat would be his second.

Marshall did play high school basketball and is clearly a freak, athletically, boasting a 37-inch vertical leap and blazing speed. But he hasn't played basketball in eight years and was only considered a good player then. With literally hundreds of great college bastketball players every year failing to make the NBA, it's doubtful Marshall could just decide to take the game up again and make an NBA roster.

Basketball athleticism is different from football athleticism, different muscles involved, different skills; a freak athlete at wide receiver is just not the same thing as an athletic NBA player. Terrell Owens and Randy Moss, both star wide receivers in the NFL, have both learned this lesson. Moss was named Mr. Basketball in West Virginia two years while in high school but failed to establish himself in minor league basketball in 2001. Terrell Owens also had a failed stint in in the basketball minor leagues.

So my advice to Mr. Marshall: save some money or look into other options in case there is a lockout, because you will not make it in the NBA.

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