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Two Chupacabras Killed, Pictures / Video

Thought it was just a legend. Residents is Hood County, Tx believe they have Chupacabras in their midst, after two of the creatures in question were killed. After shooting one himself, Animal Control Officer Frank Hackett said "It was ugly, real ugly, I'm not going to tell no lie on that one".

Fast forward a few days and another creature was killed, this time by longtime resident Jack Farr, who recently spoke to NBC. "I have heard of a chupacabra before, but I thought it was some sort of mythological thing......I've seen deer and coyotes. This had deer ears, big teeth and pinkish skin like nothing I've ever seen before."

One animal was sent to Texas A&M for DNA testing. On first inspection, doctors believe it to be some sort of coyote hybrid.


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