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Article posted on 08/21/10
Posted by: Geno Liles

Bruce Dickinson, on American Idol,
"it's a bit sad that people enjoy it"

Iron Maiden is day trending due to the release of their 15th album, entitled "The Final Frontier". The Toronto Sun interviewed Iron Maiden vocalist Bruce Dickinson. Here are a couple of excerpts:

TS: What does it mean to put out a 15th album? It can't give you the same thrill as the first one.

BD: Well, it's not really a numbers game. Not for us, anyway. Every album you put out is important because it could be the last one - especially when you get up to 15. I'd like to think this album would be a great starting point for our next album, or an equally great finishing point if we decide never to make another one. Not that we think of it as our last album. But never say never at this point.

TS: "American Idol" needs a new acerbic Brit judge. Interested?

BD: Absolutely not. You couldn't pay me enough to go on that show. I find it a bit sad that people enjoy it. There's another show called "Britain's Got Talent" which is clearly just an exercise in laughing at people's inability. It's sad. Reality TV leaves me completely cold. I couldn't tell you who won any of those shows. I've never watched them for longer than 30 seconds, which is sufficient to go, "I can't believe people sit and watch this sh--."

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