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Article posted on 08/02/10
Author: Herb Fletcher

Gorilla Glass

Corning, Inc. a 159 year old glass company has been sitting on an invention they have had on their shelves since 1962. An ultra-strong glass that Corning, the famous cookware manufacturer, is calling Gorilla Glass did not find much commercial purpose in the 60's.

As recently as 2008 Corning has found a new market in the cell phone and wireless devices market to the tune of to the tune of $170 million a year and in use in over 40 million phones. The latest trend however is frameless flat screen TVs, and Corning is in negotiations with Asian manufacturers to begin producing the hyper modern style televisions in Shizuoka, Japan. Production is in overdrive in their Harrodsburg, Kentucky plant currently.

Corning President Peter Volanakis said, "That'll tell you something about our confidence in this." Volanakis also expressed reservations about the overall success with this comment, "This is a fashion trend, not a functional trend, and thats what makes (the growth rate) very hard to predict. But because the market is so large in terms of numbers of TVs--and the amount of glass per TV is so large--that's what can move the needle pretty quickly."

Corning's 2009 sales amounted to $5.4 billion since becoming the number one international supplier of LCD glass as the technology migrated to TVs.

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