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Article posted on 08/25/10
Author: Emil Talley

Kendrick Meek Floods Real
Estate Mogul Jeff Greene in
Florida Senate Primary

Hans Deryk/Reuters

Today we see a congressman from Miami, Kendrick B. Meek trending as he defeated Jeff Greene in the Senate primary Tuesday night. This sets the stage for an interesting 3 way general election with Governor Charlie Crist running as an independent and Marco Rubio, the Republican primary victor.

Meek will be running to take the Florida junior senator and may just be able to tip the scales for a Democratic Senate majority. Marco Rubio, the Rebulican candidate ran essentially unopposed Tuesday night. That was because Governor Charlie Crist also placed his name on the ballot for this November's Senate race as an independent fearing defeat to Rubio in the primary.

After the party races, Mr Crist released a statement, "(Washington is) a swamp of partisan bickering, fingerpointing and destructive political games." and, "we need independent leadership."

In the Florida Governor's race Republican Rick Scott, 57, will face Democrat Alex Sink, the state's chief financial officer. Both mean easily won their respective parties primaries Tuesday night. There is also an independent candidate Lawton Chiles, III, son of a former governor.

These party races for the state of Florida should be heating up if the primary race was any indication. Be sure to check back for the trendiest candidates, and what they are promising next.

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