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Article posted on 09/14/10
Author: Sam Foxemeyer
Photo: Robb Carr/AP

Christine O'Donnell Secures GOP
Primary for Delaware Senate Race

The Tea Party Express continues to trend this week with an upset victory from Sarah Palin knock-off, Christine O'Donnell, in the Delaware GOP Senate primary race.

O'Donnell was relatively obscure a month ago, but Tuesday night pulled a stunning upset over Rep. Mike Castle, an entrenched Washington insider. This schism of the Republican party has caused no small amount of anxiety and acerbic language.

Tom Ross, the state party chairman said recently, "(she) could not be elected dogcatcher." And furthermore the Republicans have said they would not come to her aid if she won the primary. The campaign led by Castle and Ross took a turn for the smear tactics about three weeks ago using tactics aimed at O'Donnell's inexperience and personal finances. Also automated calls attacking O'Donnell by Kristin Murray, purported campaign manager of O'Donnell's unsuccessful 2008 Senate try, were placed right up until just hours before the polls closed.

O'Donnell has disposed of Castle, Ross and Murray Tuesday night, but will be facing Chris Coons, who was unopposedly nominated the Democratic slot for the November 2 election.

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