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Article posted on 09/7/10
Author: David Boehm

Google Chrome 6 17% Faster
Than Chrome Version 5

Day Trending today is a story reported by Computerworld about the new release of Google's Chrome 6 internet browser.

Brian Rakowski, the browser's director of product management said last week at the anniversary of Chrome's launch, "A lot of things have changed in the last two years (in browsers), but the one thing we've learned is that speed matters." Computerworld reports the improvement from version 5 to 6 is 17% faster placing it in the close vicinity with speed leaders like Opera and Safari. Benchmarks scores conducted by Computerworld have confirmed that speed matters, and now it matters to Google. The results were the fastest offering from Google for rendering JavaScript.

The final stretch of this speed sprint is very tight with Safari 5 first, Opera 10.61 second, and Chrome 6 a close third-- all within twelve milleseconds of each other according to SunSpider. Firefox barely beats Microsoft's Internet Explorer 8(IE8) in JavaScript trials and more than twice as slow as Chrome 6. Firefox Beta 4 is an improvement for Mozilla and the production level version will ship later this year.

News reports and trends like this encourage me to try the free download from Google.

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