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Article posted on 09/09/10
Author: Mika Usitalo

Google Changes the Name
of the Search Game, Again

Hey there, its the techie gurus again. Guess what! Google has trended again, yep, that's correct; Google unleashes their mind-blowing psychic, dynamic search tool: Google Instant. And it's the default setting, by the way. Articles abound aplenty on the interweb, and we couldn't be left out. We love to trend the cool, hip techno-stuff.

Tuesday, September 8, Google announced that the dynamic feature is the love child of the suggestion box and auto-fill memory cache of most of your browser address bars. Meanwhile several million people at work that missed the press conference were suprised when launching their first porn search over coffee at work when the top four or five relative sites actually appeared where the organic results would normally be found-- AFTER the return key is depressed, but instead, it's NOW, like INSTANT. Whoa. Is Edgar Cayce in the building? How about Nostradamus? Did the legendary psychics predict a predictive search tool?

But let's be honest here, you will see a lot of hype about how this will save you 2-5 seconds, everytime you search. If you search one thousand terms a year, and save three seconds each, you will save a sum total of 50 minutes the next year. And that is not how this thing will play out at all. This is Google's Genius at work. This is a new way for them to command revenue and control the "optimal" results. I know. I'm psychic.

It is cool, it is hip, it is trending. But I bet more than 90 percent of you will still have to hit the enter key to find the results for which you are looking. I had fun and played around with it Tuesday, and just because they think I picked 7 from 1 to 10, I picked PI. Search that.

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