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Article posted on 09/17/10
Posted by: Librado Lozano

Google Voice May Soon Be Available on Apple Mobile Devices

Users of Apple's iPhones may soon be able to use Google Voice on their devices after months of waiting. Software devloper Sean Kovaks reported in his blog that he has resubmitted an app that would allow the service to be used on devices with the iOS operating system. Kovaks said that the new app, called GV Mobile, has been under review at Apple since Monday, and Kovaks believes the company will approve it within a couple of weeks.

The unofficial app would allow users to make calls from a Google phone number, send texts for free, and receive their voicemails as transcripted texts. The app had been submitted in the past and rejected by Apple, but the company's announcement last week of an overhaul of their approval process has Kovaks beleiving it will be approved this time around.

Apple has been chastised by software developers for an "arbitrary approval process", and, though Apple officials argued with those accusation saying they only rejected apps that would degrade users experience, they announced several key changes to the approval process.

The company also posted guidelines for apps they would or would not approve for the first time, whereas before developers had to submit new apps blindly. Apple has not commented on whether or not the Google Voice app will be approved under the new standards.

If approved, GV Mobile will cost $2.99 and will be available at the Apple app store. An official Google Voice app is already available for devices using the Android or Blackberry operating systems.

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