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Article posted on 09/14/10
Posted by: Jerry Burnside

New Market Research Predicts Nokia and Google Will Dominate Mobile OS Market

The market research firm Gartner is projecting Nokia's Symbian and Google's Android to dominate the world's mobile device operating system market by 2014. The firm projects the two will collectively account for more than sixty percent of the market by that time. The prediction does not bode well for Apple (iOS), Research in Motion (BlackBerry OS), or Microsoft. Android, after accounting for less than 4 percent of the market at the end of last year, has made huge strides in 2010, and Gartner predicts they will move into second place by the end of the year with nearly 18 percent of the market. Nokia's Symbian OS currently leads the pack with more than 40 percent of the market.

Research in Motion's BlackBerry OS ended 2009 with 20 percent of the market, and Apple's iOS ended 2009 with just under 15 percent of the market. The two are expected to take third and fourth in the market share race this year. Windows Phone is expected to take less than 5 percent of the market share by year's end. If Gartner's projections hold true, however, the two operating systems will see their market share shrink over the next few years. Gartner projects the market share of the BlackBerry OS to fall below 12 percent by 2014 and that of Apple's iOS to shrink below 15 percent.

Gartner's report mirrors similar findings from another research firm, IDC, in a report from last week, though IDC projects Android's 2014 market share at 25 percent compared to Gartner's projection of 30 peercent. Nokia just announced last week that they have brought in former president of Microsoft, Business Division, as their new CEO to lead the transformation of the company from a hardware manufacturer to a software developer.

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