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Article posted on 09/15/10
Posted by: Jerry Burnside

Twitter Unveils Major Overhaul

Twitter announced on Tuesday their plans to allow users to embed photos and video clips in their Tweets. A spokesman for the rapidly-expanding micro-blogging site said that the new feature is part of a major overhaul planned to make the site more user-friendly. Media members and others who attended the launch event were allowed to test out the new Twitter, but the new features will be gradually implemented on the website over time. No timetable was given for specific features being launched.

The updated Twitter platform offers an expanded sidebar that displays related content when users click on a Tweet, doing away with the necessity of toggling between web pages. The company reportedly collaborated with 16 companies like Yahoo's Flickr and YouTube, to allow its users to embed images and video clips directly into their Tweets, eliminating the need to click on links to view photos or video files. Another change to the site will eliminate the "more" button, allowing users to scroll down pages without having to press a button.

Twitter officials said that while a growing number of Twitter users are accessing the site from mobile devices, 84 percent of Twitter users start out on the site from a computer, so the company is trying to make the experience smoother for those users.

The revamping of Twitter further proves the site's place among other giant internet destination sites. The four-year old website has followed a steady pace toward monetization, but has been criticized by some for failing to yield a profit or demonstrate a viable business model. The company did launch "Promoted Tweets" earlier in the year, a for-profit plan to sell Tweets as ads to companies like Red Bull and Starbucks, and the firm is backed by $160 million in venture capital.

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