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Article posted on 09/13/10
Posted by: Jerry Burnside

YouTube Looks to Break into Streaming Video Market

YouTube, the leading internet site for video sharing, launched a two-day trial run of a platform for streaming live video. The trial will consist of four of YouTube's partner companies streaming content on YouTube over the next two days. The platform will allow users to post comments and questions during the presentations. After the trial, the platform will be evaluated and eventually be instituted more broadly to allow all YouTube users to stream live video, competing directly with companies like Ustream and Livestream.

The four partners taking part in the trial are Howcast, Next New Networks, Rocketboom and Young Hollywood. Howcast, who uses YouTube to post how-to videos, will stream a live tutorial on film-making, a magician show, and a cooking session with a New York chef over the two days. Young Hollywood plans to show live celebrity interviews with comedian Dane Cook, pro skateboarder Tony Hawk, and Steve-O from "Jackass".

YouTube has previously dabbled in streaming live events with the help of third parties, but now is aiming to move in on Ustream, the biggest name in the live-streaming business, in the relatively low-competition market. YouTube served as the platform for a live U2 concert streamed on the site last October. The concert, held in the Rose Bowl in Los Angeles, California, was broadcast live to 16 countries. Then President Obama held a live question and answer session in February that was streamed live on the site, and in June, the E3 video game exposition was streamed live.

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