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Article posted on 09/01/10
Posted by: Geno Liles

Thousands of Gmail, Google Chrome Users Have Virus Scare

Users of Google's Chrome web browser were unnerved Monday when they went to retrieve emails. Upon reaching their Gmail in-boxes, users were greeted with eerie music playing in the background. The Gmail support forum was flooded with the concern of users who feared their computers had been infected with some sort of malware or a vicious virus.

The unwanted music, according to a Google representative's post on the support forum, is a video promoting Google's new Priority Inbox feature. The rep said the company is working on the issue, though the problem was still there as of Tuesday afternoon. The issue is only affecting Gmail users, and only with Google's Chrome web browser. Users of Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari are not affected.

The new Priority Inbox feature is designed to automatically rearrange messages to put important messages at the top of users' in-boxes. The service is being introduced in several stages, and Google said the service would reach all Gmail users by the middle of next week. The bug reminds us of a similar mistake Google made last May, when a Java Script version of the classic video game Pac Man affected Firefox users who went to Google's homepage and were greeted with background noise comprised of siren-like sounds and strange, offbeat music. For users affected with the current Priority Inbox issue, Google is advising they click on the Priority Inbox link in the upper right of the screen, then stop the video playback in the pop-up window.

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