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Article posted on 08/20/10
Posted by: Geno Liles

Google in Talks with Networks about New Google TV Technology

The internet search giant Google is trending due to a new technology which they're calling Google TV. The new endeavor would allow users to watch television shows and movies via the internet, and has TV executives worried that they will suffer the same way Napster affected the music business. Users would have to buy a converter box with Google software that would connect them to the internet, plus a keyboard to type commands. Current users of iPhones or iPads would already be able to access the new service.

The thought of Google coming into the television world has many in Hollywood fearing that Silicon Valley will take over Hollywood much in the same way as the internet ravaged the music and newspaper business. They fear that with Google bringing the web directly to living room televisions, many will grow tired of paying $50 - $100 cable bills and the industry will be shattered. Another concern is that the endeavor would increase the harm caused by piracy, as Google has always refused to block access to bootleg movies and TV shows. And possibly the fact that has Hollywood scared the most is that Google has not yet figured out how it will make money off of Google TV, or, more importantly, whether or not they will provide compensation to networks and studios for the content.

As for Google, they see the project as harnessing the power of the internet to enhance television viewing. They argue that it's an opportunity for movie studios and TV networks to take advantage of the limitless storage capacity of the internet to make their libraries of content available anytime. The basic concept of Google TV is relatively simple. Google's expertise in internet search will be used to locate viewing options from traditional program lineups, online search services like, and even the network's own websites. The content would then be displayed on the TV set, similar to how a browser displays information on your computer screen.

Industry analysts are saying that Internet video will be the biggest innovation in living room entertainment since digital video recorders, and that the product will be commonplace within five years. The technology represents a potential jackpot to content creators, as distribution deals bring in hefty sums for those who own the content. The developers of the Google TV project say that it will be a technological innovation that will make television better and improve profits for everyone.

Over the last several months, Google has invited a parade of cable company operators, network programmers, and other TV executives to their headquarters in Mountain View, California for a live demonstration of Google TV. The developers say that Google's software, along with developers who utilize it to create new applications, will give viewers an improved viewing experience and make content creators more money just like Google and Apple have improved the mobile phone industry.

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