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Article posted on 08/25/10
Author: Noel Alexander

FDA Rejects a Vaccination
For Hens in Use in UK
To Combat Salmonella

The FDA and the Salmonella outbreak is trending at because not only has over one half a billion eggs been recalled originating from infected hens from a few Iowa farms but the FDA has decided not to mandate a vaccination available to protect the chickens from infecting their eggs with salmonella.

The vaccine has been adopted by farmers in Britain that greatly reduces the chance of hens passing the bacteria to the interior of the eggs when they are formed. Experts claim the drop in infections in U.K. have been dramatic.

"We have pretty much eliminated salmonella as a human problem in the U.K.," said Amanda Cryer, director of the British Egg Information Service.

This additional step could help protect the thousands of U.S. consumers who have gottenn ill recently from this outbreak that has been traced to only two farms in Iowa. "They are the only thing I'm aware of that really controls the problem from the inside out, at the source," said Ronald Plyar, the president of a company that developed one earlier salmonella vaccine.

More from the FDA, Dr. Nega Beru, director of Food Safety, "We didn't believe that, based on the data we had, there was sufficient scientific evidence for us to require it." However, Beru claims the new rules encourage farmers to vaccinate voluntarily.

Only one half to two thirds of American farmers in the egg industry currently innoculate their chickens, which is a wildly inaccurate estimate but may be increasing now. FDA rules while they do not require vaccination, they do require testing.

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