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Article posted on 09/20/10
Author: Anna-Liisa Luoma

UN Sectretary-General Ban Ki-moon
Urges World Leaders to Fight Poverty
And meet the Millenium Development Goals

Trending today is a story being covered by many media outlets, the UN summit meeting of world leaders to address international poverty.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon encouraged the member nations Monday not to waiver from their efforts to meet the Millenium Development Goals that were begun over ten years ago.

"We have led you to the river, so what are we asking of you today? To stay true, true to our identity as an international community built on a foundation of solidarity, true to our commitment to end the dehumanizing conditions of extreme poverty," he told the U.N. summit.

In a report issued before Monday's meeting, Ban said the summit is "crucially important" for meeting the eight anti-poverty goals. Progress reaching the targets has been uneven, he said, and several of the goals are likely to be missed in many countries if additional efforts are not made.

The meeting to discuss Millennium Development Goals is a major item in a week that will include high-level discussions among international leaders as the U.N. General Assembly annual debate begins Thursday.

U.N. officials are urging leaders to use the meetings as an opportunity to ratify dozens of international treaties ranging from protecting human rights to fighting terrorism to preserving biodiversity, a statement released by the organization said.

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